Reality Distortion Field Theory
List of Useful Programming/Business Books

Computer History/Technology

Inside Windows NT - Learn why Windows XP (originally NT) is a force to be reckoned with.
Fortress Rochester - Learn about IBM's core competencies.


Thinking in C++ - For those who want to get started with the industry standard.
Advanced C++ - Can you really say Cocoa/Obj-C is superior if you talk out your ass?
Programming Windows - Charles, the iconoclast. Learn WIN32 here.
NeXTSTEP Programming - The definitive NeXTSTEP programming guide.
NeXTSTEP Programming updated for Cocoa - The definitive NeXTSTEP programming guide.
Developing NeXTSTEP Applications - The _other_ definitive NeXTSTEP programming guide.


Rules for Revolutionaries - Eat like an elephant. Poop like a ...
The Macintosh Way - Guy Kawasaki's first tome.


22 Immutable Laws of Marketing - Everything you think you know about marketing is WRONG.


Think and Grow Rich - A Hundred years before Wired magazine, introducing...the meme...
Love is the Killer App - How to win business and influence friends.
Master Keys to Riches - Napoleon Hill - another classic...



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